Knowing the Rules Eases Buying a Virginia Car Property

Sometimes, even after your mortgage application has been approved, you have to scratch your head at apparent non-sequiturs that attach to the process (for instance, when a loan is made contingent upon your repaying an ultra-low-interest credit account). Even more so if your perfectly dandy financial situation results in a turndown. How could this happen? […]

Building Your Virginia Car Property Dream Home

Building a new Virginia Car Property exactly the way you’ve always wanted it may not be as unattainable as it might seem. To take the first step toward making any dream home real, you have to see if it’s practical: map out how much building it today would cost. Start by nailing down your size […]

Listing Agent, Buyers’ Agent, Sellers’ Agent: Who is My Agent?

Buyers’ agent, sellers’ agent. In every Virginia Car Property real estate transaction, the differences are easy to understand, right? Not quite. A potential linguistic trapdoor can lie right around the corner. For openers, that sellers’ agent may also be called the ‘listing agent’ – both mean the same thing. The ‘trapdoor’ is a further complication […]

Selling a Virginia Car Property Starts with Some Basics

According to a recent survey, nine out of ten REALTORS® believe that clients who make improvements before selling a house are more likely to secure a successful sale. Why, you may wonder, would anyone take the trouble to run a survey to discover anything that obvious? Possibly because of a follow-up question Realty Times came […]