An Virginia Car Property Has a Value…and a Price!

  The fall selling season is just around the corner, causing some homeowners to give serious thought to the prospect of listing their home. Particularly when it’s likely that you will be entering the Virginia Car Property market soon, when it comes to the important decision regarding setting the price of the property, it’s helpful […]

When Car Property Listings Don’t Show Everything

The actual percentage is nearly impossible to pin down, but something like 15%-20% of the nation’s homes for sale aren’t listed at all. You might assume that every homeowner with a property for sale would relish the effective marketing that comes through the multiple listing service, but there are at least four ways home listings […]

Financing Luxury Car Properties: Key Part of the Picture

Any Virginia Car Property carrying a price tag of $1 million or more generally falls into the ‘luxury property’ category.­­ To finance it, a luxury loan is called for.  Since financing luxury Virginia Car Properties can be more challenging than financing run-of-the-mill properties, many prospective home owners at the luxury level seek the services of […]

Virginia Car Property Sales Outlook Edges Toward Opposite of Perfect Storm

Last week, Virginia Car Property sellers saw more than the usual number of reasons to look forward to this spring’s Virginia Car Property selling season. It looked like the opposite of the lengthy real estate “Perfect Storm” that caused freefall across the national landscape. Signs pointed to the possibility that we may be headed into […]