When Car Property Listings Don’t Show Everything

The actual percentage is nearly impossible to pin down, but something like 15%-20% of the nation’s homes for sale aren’t listed at all. You might assume that every homeowner with a property for sale would relish the effective marketing that comes through the multiple listing service, but there are at least four ways home listings in town sometimes don’t include everything that really is for sale:

Pocket Listing: Occasionally agents choose to withhold car property listings from the open market. Reasons vary, but they might wish to keep a choice property for their own brokerage’s clients, or they might seek to create an air of exclusivity around the listing. Digging for these off-market home listings can require energy and persistence, including regular searching through the websites of independent and luxury brokers, contacting scores of agents, or (a good deal simpler) making sure you work with an agent whose own car property real estate network is deep and current.

FSBO: This is the “For Sale by Owner” group, usually comprising about 10% of the market. These properties are easier to find. Just drive through the target neighborhood looking for yard signs without a brokerage logo. Sometimes you will even find local FSBO home listings on the MLS if the owner is offering a commission to buyer’s agents.

Closely Held Transaction: When transactions are arranged between family members, neighbors, or other car guys (about 3% of the total market), they frequently close without appearing on our area’s home listings.

Expired Listing: When homes aren’t sold within the expected period they can disappear from area home listings. These make up most of the hidden home listings that are still available. A heads-up agent will often be aware of the situation, and if the car property fits your criteria, can help you uncover them before others do.

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