Building Your Virginia Car Property Dream Home

Building a new Virginia Car Property exactly the way you’ve always wanted it may not be as unattainable as it might seem. To take the first step toward making any dream home real, you have to see if it’s practical: map out how much building it today would cost.
Start by nailing down your size requirement. Think of an existing home that feels right for your needs, and ask the owner for its square footage. Decide if you prefer a single or two-story structure, remembering that the smaller roof and foundation size makes a two-story new home less expensive to build.
Add-ons will add up. Especially the garage. You need four spaces to be a minimum sized Virginia Car Property and that equals 1,000 square feet of garage. Make a list of any special features you consider important. Do you plan to restore cars, work on them, or just store them? You may want to put in a lift, work benches or storage cabinets. The options and variations are endless and will affect the bottom line significantly.
Now it’s time to contact several Virginia new home contractors to ask for ballpark estimates. They will be able to give you their recent average cost per square foot — and with the added details you’ve now gathered, they can make more a precise breakdown.
It’s best when building surprises come as no surprise, so most people with experience know to add 10 – 20% to the initial budget. Last-minute change orders and unforeseen problems are the most common overrun culprits.
Buying a lot and building a new Virginia Car Property can be a satisfying project for those with the patience to see it through. And for everyone else, today’s buying conditions are close to ideal– some of today’s best properties can be purchased for even less than the cost of building would be. If you are in the market for a new car property, contact me to investigate the latest deals now being offered.